Stranger in the Doorway

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This feature was filmed in early 2005. I was attracted to the project right away due to the uniqueness of the material and the director. The director is Chandra Kilaru and I was excited about his script, ideas, vision, and interest in adding a film noir "vibe" to the movie. It's always exciting for me as an actor to work with a director who is really excited about his project and "believes" in it. I had a great experience filming 'Stranger' and I am very happy with the final cut of the film. I mean, isn't it every actors dream to play split personalities and to get to see three different images of himself on screen at one time??!

The movie had it's world premiere at the FAIF International Film Festival in October 2006 in Hollywood. More information on this film can be found at the official site of the movie: Also check the LATEST NEWS section of this site for updates and screenings.

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